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Singapore Halal Fish & Chips Restaurant
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The only place for FISH & CRISPS ...or CHIPS

Big Fish Small Fish offers a variety of fish in our restaurants and for delivery. Fish fillet are battered and served with freshly sliced potato crisps or premium skin-on fries. You can choose anything from a typical Dory to premium choices like Hoki, Salmon, Sea Bass and Haddock. The batter is light and crispy sealing the moisture ensuring that the fish remains juicy.

We offer a wide variety of creative sauces such as Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce, Cheese Sauce and Black Pepper Sauce that will enhance your fish & chips dining experience. Enjoy the burst of flavors over an interesting experience when you pair your the fish with our freshly cooked crisps or the classical style with traditional fries. We even have our version of Spicy Fish & Crisps to cater to the local taste buds. The grilled menu is also available for a healthier option. Try them now in our stores in Bugis, Suntec and Tampines now!

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