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Right at the far-flung Punggol East of Singapore, there is a new and interesting enclave with 7 container eateries serving different food and beverages, known as Punggol Container Park.

Big Fish Small Fish offer our customers a Fish and Crisps meal amid a dining experience that is engaging and fun. This is the first of its kind in Singapore, originated in Punggol operating from shipping containers in a serene lush greenery setting. We have now expanded our operations into large suburb malls around Singapore.


We brought our ‘shipping container’ into the malls for the shoppers. The interior are specially designed to provide the industrial and warehousing ambience for the avid Fish & Crisps fans. Expect highly Instagramable moments with variety of dips and sauces and brightly designed interiors that are crafted to feed your phone cameras.


We offer up to 6 types of fishes for customers to select from. The fish fillets are fried upon order in a light and crispy batter. All orders of main courses come with a generous portion of freshly sliced potato crisps. There is also a Catch of the Day, where we offer fresh fish as a premium selection daily, while stocks last. Diners may also complement their meals with Add-ons such as Calamari, Mushy Peas and Coleslaw. 


The highlight of your dining experience would be the variety of creative sauces and dips available. Customers’ favourites would be the Cheese Sauce, Curry Sauce and the Salted Egg Sauce. These sauces enhance your Fish & Crisps meal and are simply addictive, making one crave for more as they dine. 


Come and enjoy a total dining experience that’s memorable and engaging - it's beyond fish & chips.

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